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    Buenos Aires 2018

    Around the Rings Special Edition in Buenos Aires.

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    April 2018

    ATR Special Edition - April 2018

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    A New Day Dawns - Special Edition Magazine for Lima IOC Session

    New sponsors, new members, new sports for 2020. New distribution platforms for Olympic content. Esports. And -- believe it or not -- the race for 2026. That's some of the exclusive content you will find in this special edition magazine. Three new TOP sponsors are making their debut. Activating those sponsorships will unlock new levels of drama and pragmatism to today's Olympic Movement. New members of the IOC -- both staff and members -- also bring fresh perspective and new ways of doing business. We introduce you to a few of those who will be calling the shots in the coming years. One year after its debut, the Olympic Channel continues on its quest of spreading the Olympic message to a new and younger audience. One way the IOC might reach them is via esports. That's just a preview ... click to read ATR's latest special edition.

  • “Required reading in the Olympic Movement.”
    That's what our readers say about Around the Rings, and with good reason.
    Nothing can replace years of on the scene coverage of events--knowing the players, and who and what is important. That's where ATR excels.

    For more than 20 years, Ed Hula and his team of correspondents have been on the scene of virtually every important event on the Olympic calendar. From the selection of every host city since 1990 to IOC votes on changing the sport program to multiple visits to assess cities' bids, Around the Rings is there.